“Throw Under the Volcano into a blender with Cat’s Cradle, Finnegans Wake, Pedro Páramo, and the collected works of Charles Bowden, and you have something approaching REYoung’s latest.” Read the rest of the review at Kirkus. MARGARITO AND THE SNOWMAN Read on! →

TLS reviews SON OF MAN

“Like all the best fiction, Son of Man constantly deflects even while it grips, and although the author draws the novel’s various strands to a neat conclusion, he leaves the reader questioning dogmas both literary and religious.” Read the rest Read on! →

Asymptote reviews THE ENCOUNTER

Female novelists are seldom praised for writing vivid male characters; perhaps because they’ve been doing it well for so long . . . Yet Adame?teanu must be singled out for creating Manu Traian. Part heroic exile, part sentimental old fool, Read on! →

Asymptote reviews FRAGILE TRAVELERS

“The italics and discursive play, the alternating realities and narrative voices, the confluence of banal and metaphysical, the self-referentiality of the text, and the cross-genre (as Ema puts it in relation to her dreams) nature of the novel, all signal Read on! →

The Irish Times reviews THE ENCOUNTER

“Romanian Gabriela Adamesteanu’s daring, allusive novel reads as a series of dreams merged with vivid memories . . .” Read the rest of Eileen Battersby’s review at The Irish Times. Purchase THE ENCOUNTER.      

Markus Werner (1944-2016)

  We are sad to announce the death of the esteemed author Markus Werner, who passed away over the weekend at his home in Schaffhausen. Markus Werner was born in 1944 in Eschlikon, canton of Thurgau, in northeast Switzerland. He Read on! →

Kirkus Starred Review of TYNSET

“Appearing now for the first time in English, the work alludes darkly, cryptically, almost never directly to the second world war. ‘I exist in a world of monstrosities,’ he admits in a rare moment of clarity . . . An Read on! →

RTE Radio special on Aidan Higgins

Don’t miss?“Aidan Higgins: The Reach of Words,”?RTE’s hour-long special on Aidan Higgins this Monday, June 6th?at 6:00 PM on RTE?Radio 1!? Titles?by?Aidan Higgins are available for purchase.