Eileen Battersby (1958-2018)

Nothing will do justice to Eileen Battersby

If you’ve been in the book world for the past few decades—even beyond Elieen’s home base of Ireland—you could not escape the singular brilliance of critic Eileen Battersby. Eileen died in an auto accident this past Saturday, December 22nd, on a country road in Ireland. She was 60 years old. Her daughter Nadia was injured and is hospitalized.

Eileen was among the best-read people I have known, especially of translated fiction. And she was a writer—I am very proud to say that I published her first novel in Ireland and the United States. Her best book?? It was her book on dogs. A classic that only dog lovers would understand. In it she records dumping a boyfriend in?favor of her dog.

She was, most of all, a dear friend. That’s all there is to say. She was a dear, dear friend. First and last, a dear friend.

John O’Brien

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