Funding a Named Series

A Named Series takes two forms: Annual and Endowed.

All works in a Named Series carry a dedication page and series title in the book and on the back cover, and are listed on the Press’s website and in its catalog.


  • This donation offsets production, marketing, advertising, printing, translation costs, and author payments.
  • The cost for establishing such a series is $35,000 per book for works in translation.
  • The publication of the books stops when funding stops.
  • An example of a successful series was “Lannan Selections.” Underwritten by the Lannan Foundation, a family foundation located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this Series funded the publication of 50 works of literature written in the English language over a period of 5 years, and supports the ongoing marketing and promotion of these titles.


  • An Endowed Series funds the publication of one or more books per year in perpetuity.
  • The minimum amount needed to establish such a series is $750,000.
  • With an annual return rate of 4.75%, $750,000 generates $35,000 per year, allowing the Press to publish one book each year forever in the Endowed Named Series.
  • Current Named Series are the Coleman Dowell Literature Series and the John F. Byrne Irish Literature Series.

Because the Press keeps all of its books permanently in print and continues to build the readership for them, the establishment of an Annual or Endowed Series represents a long-term investment in the culture.

For more information about supporting an Annual or Endowed Named Series, please contact John O’Brien at obrien@ lottery apps download or by phone at 217.244.5700.

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