Funded Series

The funded series at Dalkey Archive are initiated and supported by a wide range of partners, organizations, foundations, cultural agencies, as well as individual donors, ensuring the ongoing publication and promotion of works of literature. A funded series can take two forms:

A National Literature Series is a longterm commitment to the literature and culture of one country or language, publishing two books a year for a period of 3 to 10 years.

A Named Series covers the costs of production, promotion and marketing, and as the Press keeps all of its books permanently in print and continue to build the readership for them, it represents a long-term investment in the culture.

To learn more about funding a series, please see our Donor Information pages.

Finally, Dalkey Archive’s Scholarly Series is a collection of critical works on modern and contemporary literature, culture, and art.

Best European Fiction Series – An annual anthology of stories from across Europe

Catalan Literature Series

Coleman Dowell Literature Series

Georgian Literature Series

Hebrew Literature Series

John F. Byrne Literature Series

Lannan Selections

Library of Korean Literature

Norwegian Literature Series

Scholarly Series

Slovenian Literature Series

Swiss Literature Series

Turkish Literature Series

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