REVIEW: Michael Orthofer reviews Basara’s IN SEARCH OF THE GRAIL and Fosse’s BOATHOUSE

[IN SEARCH OF THE GRAIL] is a free-wheeling, multi-layered, open-ended patchwork piece — indeed, one that allows for (or already exists in ?) many variations, as one of the characters …?an interesting novel of the times — and a fun, if very wild and messy, conspiracies-tale.

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Fosse’s repetitive, almost droning narrative is likely hit or miss for readers …?For all the seeming sameness, Fosse already here shows a playwright’s flare for the carefully-orchestrated dramatic; BOATHOUSE?may feel almost entirely understated, even in its shattering conclusion — which is easily accepted as almost the only possible outcome — but it haunts deeply and profoundly.

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